One of the many things Bill Nye taught me




The difference between milk snakes and coral snakes is a crucial key to not dying. Coral snakes are extremely dangerous, and despite the low bite ratio, they can and will bite you if you’re not careful. Milk snakes are totally okay and chill. So remember, everyone.

If red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow


But if red touches black, you’re okay jack


I read this as milk shakes and was very confused

Anonymous said:

Why is veganism necessary?? Cows NEED to be milked, chickens NEED to lay unfertilised eggs, so if people aren't consuming milk and eggs would you just throw it all away??


Cows NEED to be milked like every other female mammal NEEDS to be milked - like human females NEED to be milked… By their babies. Cow milk is for baby cows and human milk is for baby humans. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

That’s why once a year we forcefully impregnate (rape) cows, when they give birth we take away their babies so they don’t drink “our” milk and we very soon send them to slaughter… and then we’re left with grieving mothers who NEED to be milked. 

Chickens NEED to lay eggs just like you NEED to get your period. However we have genetically manipulated them to the point where it’s like being on your period two or three weeks a month. That can’t be healthy, especially if you spend your life stuffed in a cage or room where you can’t turn around or spread your wings or walk around. In the end you can barely even stand up anymore, but it’s not like we need you to stand up. We just need you to sit there, eat grains and antibiotics, and lay eggs, until you become more trouble than you’re worth and we send you off to slaughter. If, however, you’re a backyard chicken with plenty of room and some freedom, then since you still lay more eggs than you naturally should, we deprive you of important nutrients by taking away your eggs. Chickens would otherwise eat their eggs or at least not lay as many.

So if people stopped consuming milk and eggs, then we would stop mass producing these animals. There would be nothing to “throw away” - nature didn’t make these animals for us. She didn’t make them depend on us. The caves would drink their mother’s milk and chickens would eat their eggs.



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